IELTS Coaching

What is IELTS?

The International English Language testing system (IELTS) tests your fluency in the English language as it is used as a common communicative voice.

Is it mandatory to take IELTS?

Academic IELTS is available for those who want to pursue higher education, and General Training for those who are moving to other countries like Australia, Canada and the UK or any applying for any other training programs and work experiences to an English Speaking Country.

The IELTS exam has 4 sections – listening, speaking, writing and Reading. The test is designed to know the level of these four basic skills before moving to abroad.  They are reported as band scores on scale from the lowest -1 to the highest -9 (band 1-9).

How Flying Era will help you with your IELTS success?

IELTS features meticulous test design, execution and feedback process. Every examine ensures that the test is a comprehensive analysis of all four basic skills. Therefore, the test maintains its difficulty and learning at the same time.

Flying Era, a team of experts have tremendously observed each pattern and bringing students to adopt a condensed strategy for achievable success. The team is actively involved with extensive- programs run by IELTS organizations from different parts of the world synthesizing every possible resource to benefit the students.

Language proficiency exams, if taken with appropriate tricks and strategies, will absolutely lead to the development of guided learning which, however, is the only factual and proven approach to get through.

Flying Era’s IELTS course have the following summarized highlights: –

  • The course is apt for quick and effective learning.
  • Our regular practice sessions and feedbacks are inspired with IELTS band score.
  • The teaching and strategies are consolidated learning form the experts all around the world
  • A well-prepared and researched study materials to help students in easy learning.