Visitor Visa

A visa is a conditional authorization granted by the visiting country allowing to enter or remain within, for a stated temporary period.  As the name says, Visit visa is purposely taken to travel the country with no trading intention thereof.Many countries have differentiated reason for such short visits;

  • Private Visa, is taken for private visits like if the visitor has received an invitation from the residents of the country. In that case, a private visa let the visitor migrate to the other country.
  • Tourist Visa, is obtained for a limited period of leisure or travel, no business activities are allowed with this visa. The tourist visa is mostly now tackled by the tour aggregator of your travel package.
  • Medical Visa, is acquired for medical purposes. To undertake any diagnostics, course of treatment or any other medical emergencies in the visited country’s hospitals, a medical visa is issued to the patient.
  • Pilgrimage Visa, the visa is exclusively taken to perform a religious ceremony or complete a pilgrimage. The cost of this sort of visas, is quite low. The visa is mostly obtained and accessed in groups.
  • Athletic Visa or Artistic Visa, issued to athletes and artists who are engaged in international matches or plan to perform on stage, concerts or any other events.

How Flying Era can help you in getting a Visa?

  • Getting Visas of some countries can be really exhausting, therefore, we will assist you throughout the process;
  • Approval and rejection of visas can be caused by several factors if not done properly, however, the chances of visa issuance become higher when duly followed.
  • Effortless obtaining of visas is possible with our team as they are aware of the protocol and have built strong networking to avoid delays.

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